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Inspirational permaculture related videos

Maybe you’ve just heard about permaculture for the first time. If it’s new to you, welcome to something very exciting! In order to showcase permaculture here at Permaculture Hull, we’ve put together a collection of really inspiring videos for you. They’re not all pure permaculture, but many of the permaculture principles are featured in all of them.

Permaculture originated in Australia in the mid-1970s and has been slowly gaining an faithful following. Now it’s starting to get much more popular and people all around the world are beginning to find out about the fantastic rewards brought about by practising the principles of permaculture. Using them to help transform their surroundings, while caring for the planet and building integrated and resilient ecosystems and communities.  JP

Changing the world the permaculture way – David Holmgren


Greening the Desert – Geoff Lawton


The Chickness of the Chicken – Joel Salatin

Soil Carbon Cowboys

A farm of the future – Rebecca Hosking

David Holmgren on recognising patterns in nature

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